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Rob Earle
Inkjet Services 

Our Services

Service and Repair
We provide quick response and expert service throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can rely upon us for an honest appraisal of your needs and can expect the most knowledgeable and competent technical service for your Mimaki.

We offer a full line of Mimaki parts, some priced below list, as well as refurbished, used and quality third-party replacement parts.

Installation and Training
We can make sure that your Mimaki is in top operating condition upon delivery and that your operators are fully aware of features and maintenance procedures that will ensure minimal production interruption and longer life of printer parts.

Depending upon customer needs, we can rebuild any Mimaki printer on-site, or, when more cost-effective, at our facilities.

Analysis of Test Prints
We can guide you through a number of tests to determine printer alignment and the condition of the printheads. These test prints will give us an indication of the general health of your Mimaki. Our analysis will help to determine the cause of poor print quality or printer performance.

For more information, please contact us.


44 Venable Road
Harrisville, NH 03450



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